Sunday , September 27 2020
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Georgia Lawmakers Propose Medical Marijuana Cultivation and Sales


Georgia has a group studying how legalization of medical marijuana would impact the state. The group voted to push legislation to provide in-state cultivation. This would also allow medical marijuana to be manufactured and sold in the state.

Georgia already has 6,000 medical marijuana patients but they have no access to their medicine locally, AJC notes.  Patients are allowed to have marijuana oil as long as it has less than 5% THC in it. It isn’t even legal to transport the oil or buy it.

Lawmakers are proposing to license 10 growers, 10 manufacturers and an undisclosed amount of dispensaries.

Senator Matt Brass co-chairs the Joint Commission on Low THC Medical Oil Access. Brass supports providing access to patients. There are no suggestions that any form of actual legalization taking place though.

Brass said, “I know this bill will not make everyone happy. We’re simply doing this to get access for our patients.”

Georgia is a one step at a time kind of state. While this could eventually lead to legalization, right now – it’s about getting patients access to medicine the state says they can have but not buy locally.

The Georgia General Assembly will discuss several marijuana-related pieces of legislation in the new legislative session beginning on January 14.