Thursday , June 20 2019
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Georgia Has Two Medical Marijuana Bills Awaiting 2018 Legislative Session


Medical marijuana is making progress in small steps in Georgia. When lawmakers return for the 2018 session, they’ll have two bills waiting for them. Although there are already some provisions allowing low THC/CBD oil for a few conditions, residents still have no in-state access to the oil.

Allen Peake has headed several legislative attempts to expand the medical marijuana program, according to WMAZ 13 News. He’s attempted to pass legislation to allow for in-state cultivation and distribution but did not gain approval. He’s pre-filed two pieces of legislation ahead of the 2018 legislative session.

One bill calls for creating an amendment to the Georgia constitution to allow in-state cultivation and distribution. The other allows those with prescriptions for medical marijuana to possess it. That bill goes a little further to allow Georgia higher education institutions to bid for cultivation and distribution operations.

A provision in one bill would allow those registered with the Department of Public Health and having a proper registration card to possess up to 20 fluid ounces of low THC oil. The bill to permit cultivation and distribution is five pages long.

To get on the November 2018 ballot, the constitutional amendment proposed would have to have a 2/3 majority vote by both the Georgia House and Senate.

Peake is expecting both measures to gain approval after the General Assembly returns on January 8.