Thursday , June 20 2019
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Rep. Michael Williams Begins to Embrace Medical Marijuana

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Efforts to expand Georgia’s medical marijuana program remain stalled, but gubernatorial candidate Michael Williams hopes to change that. Williams is holding events to display his support of medical marijuana and expanding the program in the state. Williams supports in-state cultivation.

Williams plans to speak with NORML in the near future, according to Politically Georgia. He’s also planning a rally specifically for veterans with PTSD. Williams has personal ties to the military, as his father was a Vietnam War veteran who ultimately took his own life when Williams was a teen.

Williams has mentioned that he believes his father would receive a PTSD diagnosis if he were alive today.

Williams said, “Legalized in-state cultivation and distribution will ensure safe access for suffering patients. Until medical cannabis oil is readily available for patients with qualifying conditions, what is the point of legalizing it?”

Representative Allen Peake continues to hope that a marijuana-friendly governor is elected.

Peake said, “I’m desperately waiting for a governors candidate on the Republican side who can win who has sincere conviction about this issue, that they really honestly want to help Georgia citizens, not just gain voters by taking a position.”